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Mr. Jose Gonzalez Teran president and founder of Ferrominio, originally from N.L. Linares, came to the city of Culiacan in 1954. He came with the vision to be an internationally competitive company in the design and construction of steel structures. Mr. Gonzalez Teran also had the intention to collaborate in the growth of our country, offering unsurpassed services that meet the needs of our customers at a competitive cost and always driving a philosophy of complete quality. This is how Ferrominio was created and how it came to be.

Four decades later, due to the satisfaction and demand of our customers, the need to build new foreign projects flourishes. Due to this, the company expanded and started working in Baja California, based in the city of Tijuana, this is when Ferrominio Steel was born.


Design and build steel structures with superior quality, in accordance with international standards, providing our customers with unsurpassed service.


Striving to be the leader in an internationally competitive environment.




We believe that our success depends on the success of our customers. If our customers benefit from our success, our organization also benefits. This is why we are interested not only in satisfying our customer’s demands in construction, but we always work to understand their needs. Due to this we plan our operations and always stay ahead, with the concept of total quality.


All products fabricated by Ferrominio Steel are designed and assembled under the standards of the American Institute of Construction (I.M.C.A) in its latest edition.

Ferrominio Steel strongly believes that there must be a commitment of quality in our products. We always require a certificate of each material fabricated by us, and any material that does not meet the quality standards is not approved.

We know that the applied soldering is one of the important and crucial steps throughout the fabrication process, so we focus on having certified welders to meet the specifications requirements of the American Welding Society (AWS), these in turn are reviewed periodically by our external and internal inspectors.